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Prime Estate Latvia: we will show, explain, do district tours

Property abroad – purchasing is serious, because most buyers have a desire to get acquainted with the subject first hand, examine it closely, not to buy a “pig in a poke.”


Why do it?


Despite the accuracy of the information provided on listings in our website, and the fact that all our sources are checked, a picture or even video – may not be enough. Photography, albeit high quality, bright and detailed, is not able to convey the atmosphere, give you a full understanding of what you are buying: only in person, you can get an accurate idea of the proportions, the location of furniture, layout, game of light and shade – computer processing can distort the true state of affairs .


How does this happen?


If you want to visit properties you are interested in, Prime Estate Latvia will organize for you the most informative and comfortable viewing tour for each of them.

Upon your arrival in Latvia, you will be met by our representative-consultant who will accompany you during the whole tour. He will not only clearly answer all the questions, but also help to weigh the “pros” and “cons”.  Escort you to the hotel, and when you will be relaxed and ready, your consultant will show you selected houses and the objects. Normally the trip takes no more than 3-4 days.




  1. You will get noncommittal observation tour for a transparent cost with no extra charge.
  2. Our staff will help to obtain visa, book tickets, make a reservation for accommodation for the tour time.
  3. We will save your time – tour is always well planned, you will see maximum number of properties matching your search criteria.
  4. On request, we will arrange a sightseeing tour of selected city.
  5. You will get acquainted with the infrastructure: schools, hospitals, banks, shops and beaches.
  6. On the documents – we’ll make sure you get a full legal support.

Prime Estate Latvia: with us you will know exactly in what house you will live in.





After July of 2010 Saeima of Latvia made drastic adjustments to the law on emigration, the country has become quite attractive place for active capital investment in its property. For objectivity it is good to note that a significant proportion of independent analysts predict further growth in purchases of the Latvian real estate. It contributes to more explicit objective reasons. One of the main among them is the ability to simply and conveniently purchase land in the country with favorable economic conditions, a well-established infrastructure, reliable and safe legislation, and not less important, in the EU zone where most of the population speak English language. Furthermore, capital investment in real estate gives owners, and their family relief in crossing Latvian border. And the purchase of real estate by the amount stipulated by the law:

  • It gives the right to receive under the simplified scheme a residence permit for up to five years and if necessary a possibility to extend it for the same period, or upon expiration of the deadline apply for permanent;
  • It allows to receive a Schengen visa for the same period;
  • It gives the right to carry out an active business in its territory.

There is the fact iIn favor of investments in the Latvian real estate market that it almost always provides higher returns when compared to bank deposits. Residential real estate in such known areas as Jurmala and Riga is not only a reliable mean of augmentation and preservation of capital, but also a source of high income from various types of rental, and even more, foreigners can take up real estate lease with virtually no restrictions.

We should add the following advantages:

  • a simplified procedure for acquisition and registration of commercial or investment property;
  • possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan by citizens of other states;
  • relatively low tax rate, taking into account the type and location of the object, its area and the state of communications;
  • low population density;
  • picturesque nature in the country.


Construction, decoration, design, furniture, decoration


In today’s world of worries sometimes we want peace, calmness and comfort. That is why most people are thinking about building a private home or cottage. Latvia – the country of stunningly beautiful and ecologically clean nature. It is so nice to go out in the morning in a private courtyard, enjoy nature and enjoy a cup of coffee on the banks of a nearby river. Quit dreaming, it is time to act – the agency Prime Estate Latvia will make your dream come true.


Construction of the house – a complex and time consuming, but not so complicated in hands of extremely qualified staff. You want to avoid the hassle? Our company can completely take over all stages of work, from architectural design and site preparation to the selection of tiles, wallpaper and other small details of the interior. Construction is carried out using the latest innovative technologies. We guarantee that we will build a durable and modern suburban and city house, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of the client.


Construction of the house includes a range of activities:

  • site selection;
  • design;
  • preparation of land for the construction of house;
  • construction of building;
  • finishing works;
  • design of interior and etc.


Prime Estate Latvia offers a full range of services for the construction, decoration, design, furnishing and decoration of any complexity.


Decorative plaster, tile laying, plastering, concreting etc. works requires competent approach. Our experts will do the finishing works with the help of modern equipment that allows us to achieve high quality. Use of high quality materials guarantees protection of surface structures from the effects of weather and mechanical damage.


The interior design by Prime Estate Latvia – a house or apartment decorated using only the most modern materials and latest trends. Our agency offers both traditional and the most daring design solutions tailored to your tastes and wishes. Want exclusive project? No problem! Creativity and experience of our staff will tastefully furnish a room, pick the smallest details and create a unique home of your dreams!


Maintenance and property management


Service “Maintenance and property management” is of interest for all homeowners, especially if the property is located abroad. Commercial outsourcing is a very popular in European countries. Its main goal – to make life easier for homeowners, taking on the decisions of a number of domestic issues.


The main objectives of management outsourcing


In most cases, this service is implemented in two directions:

  • real estate services;
  • property management.

Servicing apartments and houses implies full support to objects maintenance of external and internal kind. This is service of repairs and cleaning. The frequency of cleaning work is defined by the contract. It also includes a list of all potential actions. In addition, management outsourcing by the client may include:

  • cleaning territory by the house;
  • control of electrical appliances;
  • maintenance of plumbing, ventilation, heating and engineering systems;
  • checking and recording counter readings;
  • small household repairs.

Individually providing care of the house from a distance is very difficult task, therefore service offered by Prime Estate Latvia real estate agency is of interest to all real estate owners, without exception. Even those who live in the country permanently can’t immediately provide full care of the house by themselves.

Property management services are more relevant to investors who rent acquired property. In this case, agency offers:

  • assistance in finding customers for long-term or short-term rental;
  • keeping documentation in check for the property, including the ensuring timely payments of utility and tax;
  • Services to resolve issues between the owner of the property and the tenant.

In addition, under the terms of the agreement, agency Prime Estate Latvia provides consulting services to help in adaptation process to the new country faster.

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